“From a young age I learned that food invokes memories, memories hold stories and stories, majestically transport us through time... “

Bringing you into the heart and soul of the vibrant Israeli food scene, The Curious Foodi joins tourists with locals in the markets, communities and villages of Israel - connecting people through food.

Why be a Curious Foodi?

  • Explore off the beaten track food experiences.
  • Eat the best local food you might otherwise not find.
  • Connect with Israeli people and culture through food.
  • Learn about the melting pot of cuisines in Israel.
  • Experience authentic Israeli hospitality in local homes.
  • Meet fellow food lovers in our public food tours.
  • Enjoy a private tour with family and friends.
Tahlia - Founder of The Curious Foodi Traditional restaurant

About Tahlia

I grew up in the kitchen of my Hungarian, migrant family's restaurant, the iconic Gelato Bar on Sydney's Bondi Beach, where every customer had a story to tell and a shared piece of history which connected their family to mine. I moved to Israel in 2008 and when people ask me why I made the move, my first answer is always out of curiosity. My friends used to call me Little Miss Curious, always filled with question. After I moved to Israel I spent time exploring the backstreets following my senses to the most authentic kitchens, where I met the warmest and most colourful, salt of the earth characters. Transcending language barriers, food became our common language as I connected with my new home and the wonderful people I met. Wanting to share this with the world, what started as a hobby developed into The Curious Foodie, a complete resource for Food lovers in Israel.

Happy Curious Foodis

"I had a great time on this tour! If I had just visited the shuk on my own, I would never have been able to try as many interesting foods, learn new things, and meet wonderful people like I did on this tour. Highly recommend!"

Abby Dow, Oklahoma

"Her tours are excellent! Great for tourists and long-time residents. I've lived in Tel Aviv for 2 years and didn't know about some of these great traditional places in the area. It was great to try everything and explore the Yemenite quarter. Tahlia knows her stuff, and her personal history with the cuisine made the tour even more interesting. Again, I highly recommend."

Amanda LS, NYC

"Taking this tour with Tahlia was one of the best experiences I had in Israel. Following her through the backstreets of Tel Aviv trying different delicious types of food made me really fall in love with this city. The tour had a lot of personality, you notice how passionate Tahlia is about food and how warm and welcoming all of these lovely people are. This tour is a MUST-DO if you go to Tel Aviv!"

Carina Deck, Germany

"I did the tour that went through HaCarmel and the Yemenite quarters and it was wonderful! It was my first time in Tel Aviv and wonderful to explore the city and the country through food. We learnt so much about the history and culture of the city while at the same time giving the tastebuds a good treat. Tahlia was extremely knowledgeable about everything and all the places we visited knew her well and welcomed us. I was worried about eating too much in the beginning and not being able to try everything, but the taste portions were a perfect size and I left feeling perfectly satisfied. I hope to visit Tel Aviv soon again and do another Curious Foodi tour and also go back to some of the places from the first one!"

Esther, Sweden

"I've walked around the different shuks in Israel tons of times, and never experienced them like I did on this tour! It's super fun and a must do if want a exciting foodie adventure!"

Rachel Dow, Oklahoma

"Wonderful way to explore Tel Aviv, through food and drink. Thalia took us to a bunch of local spots that we would not have known about and the food was delicious."

Mikael, South Africa

"Tahlia took my family on a fabulous food tour of Tel Aviv. It was the perfect way to experience the culture of the city. Tahlia was wonderful - relaxed, informative, genuine and great with our 2 kids (aged 12 and 9). Highly recommended."

Jo, Sydney

"Had a fabulous morning eating my way through the Hatikvah market with Tahlia and friends. Meeting and sharing with locals and of course lots of food shopping too. Wonderful experience those living in Israel or those just passing through."

Lauren Meyer, Cape Town

"I highly recommend HaTikva Market tour with Talia! She is knowledgeable and passionate about food and showed us unique places in the market - that I would not have experienced on my own. It was a fun two hours! The highlight for me was seeing the traditional bakers and their ovens!"

Michael, San Francisco

"Great tour! I loved the combination between the history of the place, the vendors stories and the food itself. I think it gives to tourist and even Israelis, a great view of this area of Tel Aviv."

Omer, Tel Aviv

"The food tour gave us such a unique perspective on all of the different cultures that makes up the Israeli people. We loved the warmth, the tastes, and the feel of the whole market and Thalia (who is incredibly smart and engaging) really brought everything together and opened our eyes to a fantastic part of Tel Aviv. We will definitely recommend this tour to our friends and family and cherish this experience."

Cooper Family, Philadelphia

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